(Experience Music Industry executives join together to form YO-HITS.com and YO-HITS Media In 2011 the music business changed, no more piracy. Everyone who's in the music industry must license their music to get royalty payments, so we formed YO-HITS and YO-HITS Media. YO-HITS will give all ARTIST and MUSICIAN a network and a outlet to expose their music and talents to a worldwide audience. And make money with their music, We promote and publish independent Recording Artist and musicians, We offer Administrative services, Copyright Filing, Agency Representation. YO-HITS.com and YO-HITS Media wants you the Artist and musicians to leave the dreams at home and go to work, learn how to get paid in the music industry.  We can show you how to do it right the first time. 

YO-HITS.com and YO-HITS Media is owned and operated right here in Memphis, TN. Our company has opened its doors in 2011, we’ve treated every RECORDING ARTIST and MUSICIAN like they are a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.  
Executve Director/Oscar Williams
  Oscar Williams is an twenty year veteran of the music industry. His credits includes Major concert promotions with such acts as Confunkshun, Barkays, War, Rick James, and many more. Entertainment Management of such act as RAMA Band, Dewayne Mcgee, and Valtina Hayes and also managing movie producers, director Antonio James.
Mr. Williams also created "Learn The Music Business" a study guide to the entertainment industry. In the early teens he began playing drums and singing for high school bands blues and r&b groups, in night clubs at age 15 touring the United States. The bands were successful for giging but no hit records. A lot of acts started and needed management so than began my management career. He realize that sometimes all a client needed was some to take an ojective look at the strengths and weaknesses. He will build on the good and try to polish the rough spots for many years. He also is known for his fairness to musicians culminated in negotiations for three major contract signing.

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 *Creating, Recording and Mastering FRESH NEW MUSIC, FRESH NEW FACES the mecca of the music industry has started to get organized.  Giving Exposure to UNSIGNED  BANDS and providing CONCERT TOUR SUPPORT  and also Getting RADIO AIRPLAY with their first Album. The digital backdrop for this system well be the internet, YO-HITS.com and YO-HITS Media was formed for that purpose to give fresh new music to the public and help inspiring Recording Artist  create a fan base setting in order to sell their products to potential customers who enjoy great music and new trends. "MUSIC AT THE TOP" that New Artist that does the work that it takes to make a HIT SONG. YO-HITS.com and YO-HITS Media Marketing, Promotions, and Management services will help  Recording Artist SEEKING RECORD DEALS make the right DEAL. We help with Copyright filing,Publishing, and digital download selling. Big companies has set a standard of taking 85% percent of Artist Royalties. We give you more of retail revenue then any company out their. We provide special attention to customers requesting such Artist they want to see on the site. Word to mouth advertising brings a self worth to Acts learning to control it's own destiny. Keeping a true count of FULL LENGTH CD's download sells, Singles and Ringtones and having accurate bookkeeping skills will show you that music is a business. YO-HITS.com and YO-HITS Media works with you hands on, we only except acts with complete finish product. We have a digital store that carries CD'S , DVD's and novelty of the industry. YO-HITS.com and YO-HITS Media is looking for the best of the best music ACTS, you will enjoy dancing, moving and grooving to the sounds of R&b, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Rock, Metal, Blues and Gospel.